‘We've worked with Oak Lane for a while now and as an Estate Agent we can rely on them to do a superb job’

Estate Agents and Renters

The average household creates over two and a half stone of dust each year.

Oak Lane will sweep in (excuse the pun) and get your property back up to standard, ready for you to re-let. We understand exactly what Estate Agents and Landlords are looking for from their End of Tenancy cleans so you can be assured that we’ll get the job done.

We offer different specifications for end of tenancy cleaning- we know that some properties don’t need as much TLC as others. We'll even provide a certificate to prove a deep clean has taken place. We can provide flea treatments and issue certificates for this.

A thorough clean between rental terms also helps you to keep track of any existing damage to the property or marks on the walls. Our cleaners can help identify minor and major maintenance problems so you can fix up any issues before entering a new rental agreement.

Bring in Oak Lane Cleaning to take care of the end of tenancy clean and…

• Save Time
• Take some stress out of letting
• Get a quick turnaround between tenants

Give us a call on 01832 579007 to see what we can do for you.