‘'Oak Lane came over for two days and left the Reno spotless, I was proud to hand it back to the owners’

If you’re getting close to finishing your building project, you’ll probably be looking for a deep clean. We’ve been in the industry for many years and we are very aware that schedules can not go according to plan- we’re used to it! We can adapt to the situation.
We’ll remove plaster, excess grout, and dust carefully. We can remove the plastic from the cupboards and stickers from the sanitary ware.

We’ll make the new home sparkling clean and ready for sale, rent or for you to move back into.

Oak Lane Cleaning provides all the cleaning equipment and materials for after builders cleaning. Our staff are well trained, professional, efficient and reliable. We are, of course, fully insured too.

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We’ll remove plaster, excess grout, and dust carefully

We don’t wash it down the sink or flush it down the toilet. That’s how drainage disasters happen.

When the completion date is set and you’re ready to hand over the keys we’ll come in and give the property a final deep clean. We’ll make your new build sparkle like a showhome.

Speaking of which, we can also keep your showhomes gorgeous with a regular cleaning service.

Sparkle Clean

Why bother with the sparkle clean?

You might think the after build clean was thorough enough.
Why bother with the extra sparkle clean?

A lot can happen between the after build clean and completion day. Your workers will come through the door for QA checks, snag list fixes, tiling touch-ups. Other building work onsite will send dust into the air.

A final, thorough ‘sparkle’ clean just before you hand over the keys can be the difference between a cleanish house and a sparkling shiny brand new home.

You don’t just want us to clean the bits you can see. We know all the nooks and crannies sneaky dust likes to settle in.

We clean above the doors, along the skirting boards, inside the boiler cupboard, behind the radiators, under the sink, around the window frames.

We check each and every pane of glass for paint and plaster flecks.